Typical Day at the Office - Squats

Walk through the doors, gym bag strapped on your shoulder, pre workout coursing through your veins. Mindset: KILL

After warming up, stretching, and taking your second shot of pre. Training starts at the touch of a Barbell. A typical day at The Iron Office involves putting in hard work for the only boss you should be worried about, yourself. Today we’re training Squats. Get your chalk ready, slip on your sleeves, and get ready to push those stompers to the limit.

You’ll need to know your 1 Rep Max (1RM) for your Squat and Front Squat before you start. Feel free to contact us if you need help with finding those. Here’s today’s basic squat program that’s guaranteed to get you stronger:

  • Start warm up with the bar only and incrementally work your way up to 75% of your 1RM ( ex. 225 X .75). Amount of sets and repetitions are up to you but avoid reaching failure while warming up. Perform all repetitions to standard and to proper depth. Squat depth debate is very old and I won’t beat a dead horse. Squat until the crease of your hip is slightly below the top of your knee. Any further is unnecessary and may cause injury. Have someone watch you or record yourself See figure below on depth. Hint: Figure 4 is proper depth.

  • Once the bar is loaded with the predesignated weight you will proceed to do your “working sets.” These are the sets that actually count the most towards building strength and should be done with precision if you haven’t already been doing so.

  • PERFORM 5 SETS of 5 REPS with the same weight

  • Next you will do the same with a FRONT SQUAT, but you will warm up to 60%

  • PERFORM 4 SETS of 8 REPS with the same weight

  • Next you will perform LUNGES with a weight of your choice. The weight you choose should allow you to perform 5 lunges with each leg and should exert you near to failure.

  • PERFORM 3 SETS of 10 Lunges with the same weight

  • Lastly you will perform a Super Set of LEG EXTENSIONS and LEG CURLS (perform exercises consecutively without rest in between). Again, choose a weight that will allow you to perform the exercise near to failure by the last repetition.

  • PERFORM 3 SETS OF 15 EACH Leg extensions & Leg Curls


SQUAT: 5x5 w/ 80% FRONT SQUAT: 3x8 w/ 60% LUNGES: 3x10 Near Failure LEG EXTS/CURLS: 3x15 Near Failure

The repetitions for your squat and front squat should be difficult but not to failure. Adjust weight up or down 5-10 lbs if needed. Repeat twice a week and reevaluate your one rep max after 1 month.

Contact us for personal training and custom tailored strength programs. The Iron Office www.theironoffice.com info@theironoffice.com IG: theironofficegym

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