Failure and Powerlifting

Pow·er·lift·ing ˈpou(ə)rˌliftiNG


a form of competitive weightlifting in which contestants attempt three types of lifts in a set sequence.

By definition Powerlifting is a sport; competitors in the sport are considered “Powerlifters.” They train, prepare, and execute 3 lifts: SQUAT, BENCH, and DEADLIFT. Powerlifting is not a form of exercise, it is not for everyone, and it is definitely not for the weak of mind. Physical strength can be accomplished by anyone willing to dedicate even minimal time in the gym. However, to be a Powerlifter you have to be willing to put yourself in a vulnerable position. The strength to push yourself past a fear of failure is not something that you can just pick up in a training handbook or an online program. To be a Powerlifter you have to learn to trust yourself and believe that failure isn’t the end but just the beginning of your next goal. In Powerlifting, you will fail and you will do it constantly. It may come in the form of not completing your programmed set, missing a personal record you’ve been working for, or worst, the cardinal sin of bombing out of a Powerlifting Meet (being disqualified for not recording a successful attempt in one of the 3 lifts) in front of friends, family, and nowadays all of Instagram. These failures are not the end of the world, but each one will knock you down and it is up to you to take it as a learning experience to keep pushing forward. Failure is just the beginning and it is a big part of Powerlifting, so get used to it. Failure does not make you a loser, Quitting does.


Want to be a Powerlifter? Join our team! Iron Breed started at The Iron Office and we intend to spread it through highly motivated lifters. The majority of our team members are fairly new to the sport, including myself. We believe in working smart and working constantly. Our goal is not to intimidate or show other people “what we’re all about.” We’re here to motivate each other to be the best for ourselves. Strength through Iron is highly addicting and best of all there’s an unlimited supply here at The Iron Office.


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