Train with a Purpose

You've arrived to the gym and you want to get a killer pump. You find the closest available treadmill and warm up for this sick workout you're about to do. 30 minutes later... you're ready to kill it, except you don't know what you're doing. Instagram models make exercising look so easy. A few curls here, some kickbacks there, air squats, and just like that you're done and ready for your post workout shake. Let's just say there may be a better way to work out or as we like to call it train. Training your body for a specific purpose is much more important than just working out. Whether it be to build muscle, gain strength, or lose body fat, proper training methods will work better than wandering around the gym looking for any open machine.

Let's begin with the purpose for training. Why are you training? If you don't have a reason, find one. Setting goals is the best method of achieving success on your fitness journey. When choosing your goals be SMART:

Be Specific; for example “I want to be lose 30 lbs in 2017” or “I want to compete in my first Powerlifting Meet.” Your goal should inspire you in a way to strive for success.

Measure and track your goal. The fastest way to fail in achieving your goal is to lose sight of it. Create milestones for your goals to ensure you are staying on track. Those milestones should also motivate you and reassure why you set your goal in the first place.

Make sure they are Attainable. Your goal should be challenging and keep you engaged but it should not be so far out that it becomes impossible. Not only is this important because I want you to reach your goal but it is much more important because setting a goal that is too far out of reach will demotivate you to keep pushing. An unattainable goal is a constant reminder that you are going to fail.

Is your goal Relevant? Is it something you want to do for you or are you doing it because it’s what everyone else is doing? You want to choose a goal that will benefit you and allow you to feel accomplished upon its completion.

Lastly, Time your goal. Set a deadline. There has to come a time where you will assess if you failed or achieved your goal. For example, sign up for that Powerlifting meet on July 31st and base your goal on that timeline or “I will lose 30 lbs by Dec 31st”. Without a deadline, you can go on forever thinking you are still working on your goal without realizing it’s been 3 years and you’re still 27 lbs away from your goal weight.

Set a goal, make a plan, and don’t stray away from it. With so many online resources and your own local gyms, there’s no reason you can’t make it happen in 2017. Next post will be about the training methods we use at The Iron Office to achieve our goals. Stay tuned. If you’re interested in coaching or personal training please contact us at or (559) 399-8152. Basic pricing information available here.

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